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EQA 2023 - Bacteriology
Expert Biologists - Scheme Coordinators:
Laurence PARMELAND, Florian SCHERRER, Chantal SOBAS and Valérie VERNEAU
EQA performed since: 2015
Number of participating laboratories in 2022: 55

1 – Scheme overview

This scheme is designed to assess the performances of different bacterial identification tests and susceptibility tests (determination of resistance mechanisms), but also for some of the investigations to assess urine cytology and bacterial count techniques, as well as the performance of microbiology culture media.

Statistical reports are sent with supporting comments from the expert clinical biologists who coordinate the scheme.

Panneau attention Program Limited to Metropolitan France.

2 – Assessment frequency

Number of investigations per year : 4
Number of control samples per investigation : 2
Number of samples per year : 8 (4 swabs + 4 urines for cytology tests)

3 – List of tests assessed

  • Bacterial identification
  • Antibiogram
  • Antibiotic susceptibility
  • Screening for specific bacteria (group B Streptococcus, toxin-producing Clostridium difficile, multi-resistant bacteria, etc.)
  • Cytology: leucocyturia, hematuria on urinary samples (manual and/or automated techniques).

4 – Description of the control samples

Ready to use control samples

5 - Clinical Setting

The clinical setting for the samples to be tested during each investigation is systematically described and participating labs are encouraged to propose a global interpretation of the results obtained. This interpretation is also commented in the reports.

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