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Staff empowerment assistance
Staff empowerment assistance

How does staff empowerment assistance works


The objective is to provide assistance in the empowerment of personnel (biologist, technician, intern) for an initial qualification, maintenance of competence or inter-operator comparability. ProBioQual provides the evaluation manager (administrator) with:

  • A complete file: digitalised slide, clinical setting and possibly biological results.
  • A reference value and a proposal for Acceptable Limits defined by the expert biologists of ProBioQual.
  • An interpretation for information only.

The MBL remains responsible for the empowerment of its personnel, ProBioQual leaves the laboratory to choose the criteria for the accreditation of its personnel.

ProBioQual provides its expertise by indications and offers an extraction of the results of the people tested in the form of spreadsheets which can be used directly by the administrator.


These digitalized slides are coming directly from the laboratories of the expert biologists - Scheme coordinators.


ProBioQual provides you with digitized slides online on its website illustrating test files for which you will have raw results of the analyzes that have been performed, additional biological results and a clinical setting.

Each laboratory can designate an administrator on the ProBioQual site to manage this staff qualification program concerning the reading of digitialized slides. Each staff member of the laboratory concerned will have to identify themselves by name at the time of connection to access the digitized slides.

Modification 2023 : A registration will give you the possibility of empowering 15 participants (access to 15 entries) thus allowing you an assistance in the empowerment of personnel for a qualification initial, skill maintenance or inter-operator comparability.

Once the entry is complete, the administrator will be able to download in the form of a summary spreadsheet the nominal results of each staff member tested (color code according to the acceptable limits set by expert biologists), expected results, assistance with interpretation and score given as an indication in order to enable the qualification of its staff according to the criteria of its choice.

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