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EQA – External quality assessment

What is EQA and how it is performed?


Assessment of laboratory accuracy by participating in periodic blind surveys. Complies with French law and SH GTA 06.

Registration for a control scheme includes the supply of control specimens or digitized supports, statistical processing, the expertise of expert biologists and the annual report.

Reports are sent by e-mail (attached PDF file and download link).

The confidentiality of your results is guaranteed by assigning an anonymity number.

Registration for an EQA scheme includes the assessment of two analytical systems (mirrored instruments or 2 techniques) at the same geographical location (by entering the results with 2 different user codes) Unless otherwise specified in the scheme sheet.

If you have more than 2 systems additional registrations are required(each registration covers up to 2 analyzers) to assess all the analytical systems in the lab (current provisions of French law).


Control samples are appropriate for the tests performed. They are either:

  • Of Products manufactured by private companies according to our specifications and tested by ProBioQual
  • Fresh human control samples conditioned on our premises.
  • Of Digitalized materials.


1 - ProBioQual sends the control samples for the year (one or more expeditions - as indicated in the Technical Note) and the documentation relating to the operation of the scheme.

2 – Based on the schedule, the lab sends its results via internet to ProBioQual (in case of problems, fax or email is possible, only on the reply slip ).

3 – ProBioQual statistically processes the results and compares them with your peer group(N≥7), then sends you an invidual report. The report includes:

  • Individual assessment of your results: scores, z-score, position on the bar chart, calculated bias, graphical trends for z-scores, comments and« long term » CV .
  • Statistical evaluation of the results of all participants: robust means, CVs, acceptability limits, distribution bar chart and when possible the Youden plot.
  • Interpretation and comments from the expert clinical biologists who coordinate the scheme.

4 -At the end of the scheme, ProBioQual sends the lab a statement of participation, as well as an annual summary report with the scores, z-scores and bias for each test

5 – You can extract all your results and statistical data in Excel format throughout the year via the “Visualization interface” tab in your user account.

Your lab’s EQA data can be used to determine your uncertainty of measurement in accordance with the SH GTA 06, and SH GTA 14 and display dashboards with your key metrics.

To view an example of an EQA report: Click here


Time saving and limitation of input errors

EQA results can be submitted using the HPRIM protocol for all analytes with quantitative data (with the exception in particular of serology, bacteriology and toxin identification data). This service is free of charge, providing the laboratory can send its results in HPRIM or HL7 format via the Bioserveur or Apicrypt platforms. It should be noted that the laboratory will pay its own registration fee for the Bioserveur or Apicrypt platform, if not previously registered.

Because the HPRIM protocol does not include method and instrument codes, it is the laboratory’s responsibility to check the codes memorized upon receipt of the acknowledgement of receipt, and to correct the codes on our results server when required.

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