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EQA 2023 - Natriuretic Peptides (CPN)
Expert Biologists - Scheme Coordinators:
Delphine COLLIN-CHAVAGNAC, Charlotte CUERQ and Bernard POGGI
EQA performed since 2008
Number of participating laboratories in 2022: 685

1 - Scheme Overview

Many natriuretic peptide determination methods are currently available on the market. The external quality assessment of natriuretic peptides helps clinical biologists to assess their own analytical methods but also provides information on the differences in results obtained with the various techniques available.

Depending on the needs revealed by the investigation results, additional studies will be performed to improve the understanding and interpretation of the results of this EQA.

The great number of laboratories taking part in the natriuretic peptide scheme emphasizes the importance of these biomarkers in clinical diagnostics.

2 - Assessment Frequency

Number of surveys per year: 4
Number of control samples per survey: 1 or 2
Number of samples per year: 6

3 - List of Analytes Assessed 

  • BNP
  • NT-proBNP

4 - Description of the Control Samples

Lyophilized human control plasmas (samples to be resuspended in 1 mL of distilled water).

Our control samples are selected to reproduce patient sample profiles as appropriately as possible.

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