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Staff empowerment assistance
HABI - Hemogram Cytology (HCHF)
Expert Biologists - Scheme coordinator
Mathilde BEGHIN and Laurent JALLADES
IQC performed since 2018
Number of participating laboratories in 2022: 83

1 - Scheme overview

This assistance program for staff empowerment (biologist, technician, intern) is useful in initial qualification, Skill maintenance or inter-operator comparability concerning hematological cytology.

ProBioQual offers you a nominative evaluation program of your staff for the realization of the leukocyte formula on series of digital blood smears, count of pathological cells, qualitative comments and diagnostic hypotheses.

ProBioQual leaves the laboratory to choose the criteria for the qualification of its personnel based on the information and results we have provided.

panneau attention For this scheme, one registration = 15 entries (15 same users throughout the year)

2 - Empowerment of staff frequency

Number of blood smears scanned over the year: 6 (provided all at once at the beginning of the year)

3 – List of analytes assessed

  • Leukocyte count
  • Morphological comments on cellular elements
  • Hypotheses / diagnostic guidelines

4 – Description of the control samples

Virtual material: Blood smears stained with MGG and scanned

5 - Clinical Cases

The clinical settings and the biological results associated with the proposed smear are given.

6 - Computer Prerequisites

Panneau attention COMPUTER PREREQUISITES Panneau attention
Central Unit: Core i5 or equivalent, 2 GB RAM Windows XP SP3
or 4 GB RAM Windows 7 and higher
Browser: Internet Explorer 10 to 11, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge
Resolution: 1400 x 900 minimum, 1920 x 1080 optimal
Minimum speed: 8 Mbits/s (check on https://testdebit.info/)
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