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IQC – Internal quality control



Internal quality control ensures:

  • Reliable results
  • Technical validation and periodic monitoring of your method (in accordance with SH GTA 04)
  • Measurement uncertainty estimations (in accordance with SH GTA 14 guidelines).
  • In-house control of your analytical process and performance monitoring.

The principle of internal quality control is simple: detection of analytical errors and validation of your results using samples of known concentrations.


Control samples are CE marked in accordance with European directive 98/79 EC and French law.

Registration for a control scheme includes:

  • supply of control specimens
  • the acceptable limits defined for your peer group
  • each laboratory’s data is processed individually (external IQC).

Control samples are appropriate for the tests performed. The control samples are manufactured by private companies according to our specifications.

The uniformity and stability of control materials has been tested and verified


1 – The control sample kits ordered are supplied. Information about how the IQC schemes are implemented and take place is available in your user account in the “Documentation” tab.

2 – Target values and acceptable limits are defined for each peer group based on the respective EQA scheme results.

3 – If enough laboratories take part in a scheme, individual, customized statistics are provided monthly, together with an assessment of the quality of the results (trueness and intermediary reliability), at no extra cost. At the end of the year, you will receive a customized summary report with graphics.

You can enter your results (N, mean and CV only) directly on our website with the following advantages: memorization of codings, any valid unit authorized, re-validation after modifications, immediate sending of an acknowledgment of reception with interpretation of the results. We will send you the analysis of your results compared to your peers in the form of a PDF file by email once all the results have been received (around the 15th of the following month).

4 – You can review the target values for your peer group at any time. These values are calculated in real time and are available on our server in the “Visualization interface > IQC – Review peer groups” tab.

This approach of accuracy as well as the calculation of repetability comply with the SH GTA 04 and SH GTA 06 guides, developed by COFRAC for ISO 15189 accreditation of MBLs.

To see an example of an IQC report: Click here
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